"Innovation is CREATIVITY that ships" (Steve Jobs). Not a PowerPoint slidedeck.

As I walk the halls of Red(ocean)Cloud-9 Inc
I see the welcoming invitation on posters
Chiming “Have you had your bowl of Kellogg today?”

If I were around 5 years old
(And able to read perhaps with my dad’s help)
I’d perceive that this advertisement was a breakfast commercial
And enjoying the cereal with a bowl of full fat milk 🙂

Being somewhat north of 5 years old (in the double digits)
I recognize my alma mater’s brand promise
I don my Think Bravely hat
Pausing to engage in a reflective moment

Yes! this is a genuine endeavor
To deliver training for managers in Red(ocean)Cloud-9, Inc
With a spirit of sharing Kellogg’s thought leadership in Marketing Management

Staring into the whitespace cloud
Beyond the poster
I feel some emptiness as a “v-” workerbee
Most of the interactions seem transactional

I notice that many people are tethered to their devices
Tweeting “let me ping you” on Lync
Certainly high tech and low touch

I feel like an node in the corporate network
An IP address with calcified feelings
There is a recurring volley of verbose email threads
Often disguised as providing clarity

The conversational chatter by triangulation
Spin out of control causing confusion

In a virtual universe of instant messaging (im)
I find my brain overworked
I am not being wholesome
There is a part of me that is muted
I feel trapped in anxiety

In my state of restlessness
I seize the initiative
Choosing to Think Bravely

I am on stage as an Impromptu Man (the real ‘IM’)
Releasing my act hunger
And performing beyond where I am today

The realization dawns on me
That the thought leadership bandwagon
Is not nirvana

My bowl of Kellogg is an art of struggle
Across ethics, companionate love and authentic leadership
To heal myself and replenish depleted emotional bank accounts

I improvise by cocreating safe spaces between people
Engaging in shared discovery and creating an ensemble
Perhaps high touch and low tech?

What is my journey?
Creating and cementing connections
To scale up entrepreneurship
Learning to give back (not just grab)
And leveling the playing field

Kellogg eLsquared

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