"Innovation is CREATIVITY that ships" (Steve Jobs). Not a PowerPoint slidedeck.

The quagmire in providing adequate and affordable healthcare for everyone is a wicked problem. Any proposed solution to a wicked problem is imperfect and has unintended consequences (positive or negative).

health care wicked problem

By becoming mindful about this complexity we can seek to improve our shared understanding and, in the process, improve our cohesion to work together and achieve cooperative consensus in diffusing the healthcare imbroglio. Can we create a Cheesecake Factory style model for delivering affordable healthcare?

how does cheesecake factory function

cheesecake factory playbook


A dash of Howard Schultz’s (CEO, Starbucks) sentiment is instructive in this context:

“Any business today that embraces the status quo as an operating principle is going to be on a death march.”

Health care transformation is a hard hat area under construction and a plethora of work remains to be done after the health care law becomes operational.

The logic trees sketched below show the current state and the desired future state of the healthcare transformation agenda.

Current Reality Tree


Below is the evaporating cloud (conflict) that we have to explode so that all the eligible parties — patients, providers, employers and insurers — can win together in finding a sustainable solution to the healthcare crisis.


Future Reality Tree


Busting the status quo also requires being an Artistic Turnaround Manager. This provides a groundbreaking opportunity to think differently, shape the path forward, widen the sphere of moral inclusion and reduce our “empathy deficit.”

We have a moral obligation to (1) avert post traumatic stress of healthcare institutions and (2) prevent the needle of the Z-score of any healthcare institution from moving towards the bankruptcy zone.


Documented by Last Mile Resource

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