"Innovation is CREATIVITY that ships" (Steve Jobs). Not a PowerPoint slidedeck.

In the world of management consulting (“hired hands”), I have often experienced a “world is flat” mindset while figuring out solutions to problems. At first this may seem like a generalization. Let me sketch an example. For example, if a project manager seeks additional talent (also labeled “resources”) in order to deliver a project, often an email request is sent to the decision-maker containing the “Resource Ask.” See the email thread below for an illustrative example.

“From: John “v-dash” Doe <v-john@company.com>
To: Peter Pan <resource_manager@company.com>
Subject: Resource Ask for Project Murphy

Hi Peter,

Due to the unforeseen delay in completing the design milestone, we have a compressed timeline to perform quality assurance and release Murphy 1.0 on Oct 12. In order not to avoid schedule slippage, I’d like to request a resource ask of 3 testers to mitigate this risk. Considering that the new resources have to ramp up with the project, it will be great if this request can be approved ASAP.

Let me know what additional information that I can provide.

Thanks in advance.

John “v-dash” Doe”

A view of the world through the computer terminal connected through the Internet does not always guarantee a 360 degree, multipolar and comsmopolitan view. In an era of uncertainty and cost control, a resource surge may require a variety of stakeholders representing different interests and perspectives who have influence and may weigh in collectively before the approver can make an informed decision.

Let’s take a page from the insights of General Stanley McChrystal.

“I saw good people all trying to reach a positive outcome, but approach the problem from different cultures of perspectives, often speaking with different vocabularies. I hoped time working together would create trust and a common picture.”
General Stanely McChrystal. My Share of the Task: A Memoir. Portfolio/Penguin, 2013.

Below is a dialogue mapping view of the resource surge scenario that I understood and appreciated while reading My Share of the Task. In some regions of the multipolar world where there is little of no Internet connectivity, actors “read with both their eyes and ears.”





Operating a multipolar world requires the nuanced skill of a cultural architect which requires crossing the chasm from just being a “hired hand” towards a world of purpose (higher aim).

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