"Innovation is CREATIVITY that ships" (Steve Jobs). Not a PowerPoint slidedeck.

Local coffee companies need to breakaway from the traditional competitive rivalry with monopoly coffee players in the “red ocean.” It is prudent for a local coffee company to shift attention from supply to demand and reconstruct a new marketspace called the “blue ocean” where a new level of demand can be generated in a sustainable manner. I explore this idea in this blog posting.

Viewed through the crystal ball, there is a compelling opportunity for Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company, based in North Bend, WA, to Think Bravely and emerge as an everyday destination of choice for spontaneously performing as a LivingSocial Entrepreneur, over a cup of locally brewed coffee, enhancing its attachment with people in the community.

Shakespeare eloquently wrote that “life is a social drama.” I attempt to explore this sentiment by proposing a partnership between Pioneer Coffee Roasting Company and Living Social that serves to extend the brand of both the companies. From the perspective of LivingSocial, it can also be viewed as an opportunity to grow the business beyond coupon aggregation and distribution in the following manner:

  • Create a real-world “stage” (destination) for individuals in their zipcode (backyard) to perform ahead of themselves so that they bring greater optimism and energy to work after their “LivingSocial” experience.
  • Enable anyone on Main Street to become more social and cemented with their community, thus creating an operational blueprint of the “collaboration economy” (TM).

Living Social Strategy Map

Living Social Blue Ocean Strategy

The challenges facing the common man on Main Street can be overcome through engagement, dialogue and purposeful action. Performing as a LivingSocial Entrepreneur can easily promote jugaad innovation in a cost and resource constrained environment. Viewed humorously with a dash of seriousness, this perspective should resonate across all zipcodes. After all, “Living Socially” is a “No Zipcode Left Behind Act.” Let me know if you disagree 🙂

Documented by Last Mile Resource

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