"Innovation is CREATIVITY that ships" (Steve Jobs). Not a PowerPoint slidedeck.

Non-Theatre of Oppression

Non-Theatre of Oppression

I am tethered in front of a computer
Keyboard tapping in Outlook email
Not entirely musical
Composing linear content in multiple email threads

Every player has visible emoticons
Available, Busy, Do Not Disturb, Be Right Back, Away, Offline
Conversations are emotionless “ping” messages
Emotions are, however, missing

Shared understanding is like Cindrella
A drudge-like creature in the technology policy ball
Email threads are confusing for forging trust
Creating a paradigm of disconnected disadvantage

The aim of the company is purely fiscal
Established by Wall Street
The siren call for employees’ hearts and minds is merely typography
For a Powerpoint show and tell

Speaking out and expressing one’s innermost feelings is considered taboo
Causing powerlessness and trauma among the worker bees
The managers, who run the business, are asleep at the wheel
Buried under a layer of insulation and incompetence

Realizing that my life has taken a form of absence
I yearn for my sense of calling
Sowing the seeds of artistry
Healing and waking up the giant within

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